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ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware

Añada una protección inhackeable

  • Primeros 30 días GRATIS
  • Después de 30 días: $2.99/1 mes - 3 PCs
  • Compatible con cualquier otro software de seguridad
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Welcome to the ZoneAlarm Spyware Reporting Form
This form is for submitting missed or incorrect detections of Spyware. It is not for reporting technical support issues. We will contact you only if we require additional information. Thank you for your submission.
Los campos marcados con un asterisco (*) son obligatorios.
(See below for specific reporting instructions)

False-Positive Detections:

Sometimes the ZoneAlarm Spyware Scanner inappropriately detects an application as Spyware. Ensure that your False-Positive report includes the following information:
  • Name of Threat Detected (false name)
  • Name of Legitimate Program actually installed
  • Download Location and or Vendor name If Known
  • Version of Legitimate Program
  • File(s), Registry Key(s), Process(es) or Other Items triggering the detection

Dispute Reports:

Sometimes software may have spyware components as part of the program but they may have been modified or disabled to not share or collect personal data but are still being detected.

Ensure that your Dispute report includes the following information:
  • Download location of the software
  • Reason for the dispute

Missed Detection Reports:

New Spyware is released everyday. Although ZoneAlarm makes every attempt to detect and protect against newly released Spyware, it is possible the Spyware Scanner could miss a new Spyware threat. Ensure that your detection report includes the following information:
  • Name of software
  • Download location (URL if known)
  • If possible also email the file only to malware@zonealarm.com in a .ZIP file with the .ZIP password set to 'infected'

The Security Team will respond to your submission as is appropriate and may contact you for more information or to provide details back to you about the detection issue you submit.

ZoneAlarm respects your personal information and will keep it confidential. We do not sell, trade or exchange personal information with any other organizations. Privacy Policy